About NRD

National Research Denticon – ISSN Print 2395-6844
National research denticon is an official journal of Rajasthan University of Health Sciences, Jaipur. National Research Denticon is a peer-reviewed journal published on the behalf of the Rajasthan University of Health Sciences College of Dental Sciences, Jaipur. The journal publishes on a wide spectrum of topics related to dentistry, head and neck region and latest research in this field.

Aims and Objectives

The journal aims to cover the multifaceted aspect of dentistry.

It offers to give a comprehensive exposure to oral maxillofacial region health and diseases. Its scope includes Pedodontia, Orthodontia, Periodontia, Prosthodontia, Oral and maxillofacial Surgery, Medicine, Radiology and Pathology Conservative dentistry and Endodontics , Public Health dentistry, Forensic odontology, Oral implantology and Aesthetic dentistry.
Articles on original research, clinical diagnostics and experimental research offering high quality scientific exposure incorporating latest update would be considered for publication.
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